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Glen’s Comments:

                A good realtor who lists a property should strive to get the best possible price for the sellers in the shortest possible time by putting the property in its best light, use good advertising and cooperating with all other brokers and realtors in the MLS.


                A good realtor representing the buyer should strive to find the best property that matches the prospective buyer’s desires, location, and price range – while all the while pointing out both the attributes and defects of each property.


                Unfortunately, in this profession, like all others, there are some who like to take shortcuts and to them, making a sale is more important than making the special effort and spending the extra time to make the right sale.


                I even know realtors that like to show only their own listings, even when they may know that a property listed with another company more closely matches the wants, needs, and desires of the buyer.


                That is why, along with other reasons, that I take special pride in assisting buyers to find the “right” property in their price range, even if it involves spending more time searching.  I really do not care which realty company a property is listed with.  My allegiance is to you, the client; and I pledge ethics, honesty, professionalism and hard work to match clients to the most desirable property, whether it be a home, lake cabin or land.

          Glen Anderson’s varied background helps to provide great insight for serving you - selling or purchasing real estate.  Glen grew up in Western Minnesota and served in the State Legislature for 18 years and in the Army National Guard for 21 years.  He was in realty, consulting, and lobbying for 10 years before moving to the Perham - Vergas area.


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